Timber Ridge Subdivision Denied

Considering that I’m about to move back into this area in ::looks at watch:: two weeks, I had become keenly interested in what was going to happen to this new Timber Ridge cluster development off Tiger Bend and Babin. To be fair, I’m not against development – we’re in the middle of it all the time.  It just has to be done properly and with care – it must have the look and feel of the area around it.  This subdivision would not have fit in at all and the private preservation areas being used as hunting grounds was an absurd idea.   I like shooting, but we don’t need it so close to highly populated areas.

I would welcome to see an alternative plan from Lancaster that mimics what makes Lake At White Oak so great – larger lots, custom homes, and plenty of wooded areas and lakes for fishing.  There IS a demand for half-acre lots if developers are willing to give them.

Timber Ridge Denied – WBRZ

Timber Ridge Plat that was denied at last night’s Planning Commission meeting.
Ascension Parish Planning and Zoning Commisison should take note that it is OK to deny developers when it is not in the best interests of the area as a whole.  Bravo to the BR Commission for considering residents’ concerns when making this decision.

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